Graduate Course

Graduate Course in Evidence Generation

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Many of the Graduate Research Fellows working in the Evidence Generation initiative are first trained in a course developed at John Jay College. Launched in 2014 by Dr. Michael Maxfield, and now taught by Dr. Maxfield as well as by Dr. Heath Grant, the course teaches students how to evaluate evidence, how to generate evidence, and how to incorporate evidence-informed practices and policies in justice-related agencies.

The course is to be offered regularly by Drs. Maxfield and Grant along with Dr. Sung-suk Violet Yu, a faculty member at John Jay College, Dr. Douglas Evans, the research director of Evidence Generation, and Dr. Jeffrey A. Butts, director of the Research & Evaluation Center at John Jay.

The course builds upon the experiences of the faculty, staff, and students involved in the Evidence Generation initiative. Graduate students receive training that enables them to work more productively with the community-based youth justice organizations affiliated with the initiative, including the basic concepts and practices of evaluation and developed skills for building evidence-informed policy and practice.

???????????????????????????????With the development of the graduate course, aspiring Graduate Research Fellows may begin their training before even applying for a Fellowship position with Evidence Generation. Students in the course work with current Graduate Research Fellows and staff members from affiliated agencies who often attend class sessions. They work on projects that are designed to advance the work of the Evidence Generation initiative and to facilitate closer collaboration with affiliated organizations. The course helps graduate students to focus on realistic approaches to evaluation as they prepare for careers in academia, community-based organizations, applied consulting firms, and research organizations.

Check back with this website for information about upcoming sessions of the Evidence Generation class at John Jay College.

ATTN STUDENTS: Two sessions of the Evidence Generation class are being offered in Fall 2015. CLICK on the flyer above for more information.