head_jbutts2014fJeffrey A. Butts is director of the Research and Evaluation Center and PI or co-PI for the Graduate Fellowships that comprise the Evidence Generation initiative. His work focuses on policies and programs for at-risk and disconnected youth, especially those involved with the justice system. Previously, he was a research fellow with Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, director of the Program on Youth Justice at the Urban Institute in Washington, DC, and senior research associate at the National Center for Juvenile Justice. Dr. Butts is a graduate of the University of Oregon and he earned the Ph.D. in sociology and social work from the University of Michigan.
Sung-suk Violet Yuhead_yu is a member of the faculty in the department of criminal justice at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the faculty coordinator for the Evidence Generation initiative. Before joining John Jay in 2010, Violet worked at the Vera Institute of Justice as a principal investigator on research focused on corrections. Dr. Yu’s research interests include correctional health, the impact of environment on spatial patterns of crime, and crime prevention. A graduate of Simon Fraser University in Canada, she earned the Ph.D. in criminal justice at Rutgers University—Newark.
head_evansDouglas Evans is a faculty member at Mercy College in New York, a visiting scholar with the Research & Evaluation Center, and research director for the Evidence Generation initiative. His work focuses on community-based programs for offenders and the formerly incarcerated, including the R&E Center’s collaborative project on redemptive criminal justice policies being conducted with Justice Fellowship. Doug earned the Ph.D. at Indiana University-Bloomington.
Michael Maxfieldhead_maxfield is Professor of criminal justice at John Jay College. He was the first faculty coordinator for the Evidence Generation initiative and he developed and now teaches the graduate evaluation course that aspiring Graduate Research Fellows take in the Spring semester before they apply to become Fellows. Mike is the author of numerous articles and books on evaluation, policing, and corrections. He is the coauthor (with Earl Babbie) of the textbook, Research Methods for Criminal Justice and Criminology, now in its sixth edition, and currently serves as the editor of the Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency. He graduated from Ohio State University and holds a Ph.D. from Northwestern University.